LJ PHARMA s.r.l. is always available via email, fax or phone.

LJ Pharma s.r.l.

Industrial Area Piano Tavola C.da Pantano sn
95032 Belpasso (Catania, Sicily, Italy)
Tel. +39 095 7223908
Fax +39 095 386640
E-mail: ljpharma@ljpharma.com
Web site: http://www.ljpharma.com

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Contact the Quality Service to report cases of poor service or send a complaint. The claims should be made through the reporting complaints sheet.
You can also submit your reports to this e-mail: ljpharma@ljpharma.com, or via fax at number +39 095 386640 or via traditional mail writing a SASE to Zona Industriale Piano Tavola C.da Pantano sn 95032 Belpasso - Catania

For questions about privacy management and new EU data personal data treatment law (GDPR) write to privacy@ljpharma.com.

Send your CV through curriculum@ljpharma.com only: other ways will not be taken into account